is designed to make jurists work and the transition from paper files to electronic files as effortless as possible.
With the transition to digital files already happening - german courts are planning to be paperless by 2020 - we think there is a lot of potential to improve parts of such a complex system. Although our task is to design a linked presentation system, we figured out in order for this to function properly and intuitively, we have to take the management and preparation of and with those files into account.


Ana Keser
Jan Schneider
Xian Wu
Marcus Schoch


Experience Design
at HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd
by Jonathan Bölz


winter semester 2018/19


To start off and getting in touch with this topic, we researched on the internet and in the library on how trials and their preparation work and what systems jurists already use. From there on we attended various trials in public, criminal, and financial matters from which two courts already have to work with digital files. Getting interviews with judges was rather hard, because of their enormous workload and caution to discuss judical matters with strangers. But with enough patience and good organization, we managed to conduct several interviews with judges, lawyers, law students and employees of the e-justice organization.


The insights we got from our research went into personas, empathy maps and a user journey, in which we broke down the most promising insights into opportunity areas. With the System that is now in place being too complex and the benefit to the user not overweighing, we concluded on a system which not only manags files in a user friendly way but also has added functions like taking personalized notes connected to documents, an intelligent search and database built in as well as easy presentation of facts, evidence and conclusions. We later defined needs of the users to the specific tools and areas of the system for a better overview when going into the prototyping phase.

To get ideas on concept and physical aspects of the presentation we set up the mothod of a morphological box. Any form of a parameter should be compatible to those of others, so you can creatively combine aspects and get inspiration for maybe a new and innovative way to present in court.

Right now

we are working on visualizing our ideas in wireframes and screens to test and verify our findings and adapt them in a iterative process. Our contact at the local court helps us with confirming what helps them most.

First wireframes are being built right now with data that could be in such a file in court. It's mainly about how the content is structured and the way it is desplayed.
One thing we have to consider is, that it is mandatory for the system as the german law says to keep all the documents in a PDF format.