This website

Programming my portfolio on my own and not relying on a template or browser editor like wordpress, taught me a lot in HTML, CSS and javascript programming, which otherwise I would not have learned. I developed it over the course of two months with various draw backs, but still focusing on the goal. It's far away from perfect, but at least I can say I did it myself and I think for that matter it represents me the best. You can of course check it out on github.

User research

Methods for user research not only are based on good content, like a shadowing or observation, but also rely on their visual presentation to clear minds up and make anyone familiar with the topic, like personas and user journeys.

In this example we carried out several interviews on groceries and peoples way of storing them. We were asking them about their homes, what systems and devices they use to store and how they behave when shopping. Derived from this knowledge a persona like this can be the result.

On the same topic we conducted an observation with a colleague, in the first part while shopping and in the second part while storing the food. Had the project continued this would have been a good basis for creating a system around grocery storing with a reference to a real world user experience.