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Sitting Hammock

Goal of the course soft material design was to design and deliver a sitting hammock for a specific usage and problem statement. What became apparent in the research on existing hammocks is the lack of comfortable armrests and also just the general sitting position is for some usecases too leizure. Therefore I designed and manufactured this piece of furniture feeling like a couch in terms of looks, comfort and materials and combines the best out of these two worlds.

This website

Programming my portfolio on my own and not relying on a template or browser editor like wordpress, taught me a lot in HTML, CSS and javascript programming, which otherwise I would not have learned. I developed it over the course of two months with a redesign 2 years afterwards. This way I could make sure my website represents me the best, combining my abilities in concept, design and execution. Also making sure everything is under my control regarding updates and what so ever, therefor the additional time spent programming it all by myself is worth while. You can check it out on GitHub.

User research

Methods for user research not only are based on good content, like a shadowing or observation, but also rely on their visual presentation to clear minds up and make anyone familiar with the topic, like personas and user journeys.

In various projects methods in design thinking and the user centered approach were used. These are some examples in which we carried out several interviews on groceries and peoples way of storing them. We were asking them about their homes, what systems and devices they use to store and how they behave when shopping.

Lost Brick

The idea of this Jump ‘n’ Run game revolves around a cuboid which breaks loose from a corner of the ingame world - a prism. The players task is to navigate the cuboid through and around the four sides of the prism to the place it broke loose from.
The player is faced with a new challenge on each side with changing of the direction for each side. Changing sides occurs once the player moves on the lighter colored parts on a ledge. It is not shown to the player to which side the prism is going to turn. The alternation between a 2 dimensional view in parallel perspective and a 3 dimensional view while changing sides gives this game the appeal of a puzzle with an intellectual demand.

Lost Brick can be downloaded either in the Microsoft Store or from GitHub.